Delay Custom Profile Auto-Enablement

Are some custom profile users in your org scheduled to get Lightning Experience on December 3, 2019?

Complete this form only if your organization has been notified in email that some of your org's custom profiles will have the Lightning Experience User permission automatically enabled on December 3, 2019.

We think your custom profiles are ready

Custom profiles scheduled to get the Lightning Experience User permission are those that appear ready to fully support users in the new interface. We recommend moving ahead with this journey so users with the selected custom profiles can get the productivity benefits and features they're entitled to. If the timing of switching users to Lightning Experience isn't ideal, you can enable the Lightning Experience User permission sooner.

Users with selected custom profiles will be switched to Lightning Experience. But they can switch back to Salesforce Classic on their own as needed. So there’s really nothing to lose by enabling this user permission.

Resources are available to help you get ready

In addition to the resources listed below, you and users with the selected custom profiles will receive targeted guidance and recommended resources prior to the auto-enablement date.

Tell us a little more about your request to delay the auto-enablement of your Lightning-ready custom profiles

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