During the
Discover phase
Work with stakeholders to define a change vision and a plan for managing change.
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During the
Roll Out phase
Communicate the upcoming change and train your users to work in Lightning Experience.
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During the
Optimize phase
Measure Lightning Experience adoption, get user feedback, and iterate on lessons learned.
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During the Discover phase

Evaluate, plan, and align

  • Define the benefits of moving to Lightning Experience and the intended outcomes of the transition project.
  • Work with your executive sponsor and stakeholders to establish support for the transition project and your change vision.
  • Perform a change impact assessment to see how your company will be affected.
  • Find out what users think of your Salesforce implementation and of Lightning Experience to identify potential adoption barriers.
  • Define how you'll measure success.
  • Develop a change management strategy that leadership and stakeholders are aligned on.
Discover the path
Get Templates and Guidance

During the Roll Out phase

Communicate, promote, and train

Roll Out the change
Create Chatter Group
  • Create a Chatter group to communicate and collaborate with your users as you roll out Lightning Experience.
  • Create a project schedule to cover all the bases and keep on track.
  • Launch your communication plan by running a simple campaign that lets users know Lightning Experience is coming and demonstrates the benefits of the new interface.
  • Train users so they're prepared to do their jobs in Lightning Experience.

During the Optimize phase

Measure success, promote usage, and iterate

  • Get user feedback to learn what is and isn't working well.
  • Keep track of user adoption rates with the Lightning Usage App.
  • Keep users engaged and working in Lightning Experience with out-of-the-box onboarding and assistance features.
  • Monitor and analyze your success metrics.
  • Do a program review and executive summary.
  • Use lessons learned to iterate your change management processes for the next rollout phase.
Optimize your Org
Open Lightning Usage App
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